Roads in Hidden Valley – 
Deer Hollow Road, Hidden Valley Road, Olde Wagon Wheel Road, Royal Oaks Road North, Saddle Creek Ct & Saddle Creek Road

The roads in Iverson Crossing are:

Caley Circle, Portage Street, Tucker Drive & Tucker Circle


2024 Slurry Seal of Hidden Valley and Iverson Crossing

The Township is bidding slurry seal for these developments for work to be done this summer.
Residents will later be provided notice of the specific dates the work will be performed.
The Township paid portion will be to the road, not driveway approaches. If a resident would like
their existing asphalt driveway approach to be done and the contractor is willing to do it, you
1. By May 15 th provide notice to the Township of your request; and
2. Pay the cost to the Township no later than 5 business days prior to the work being done.
The Township will provide the cost of the driveway approach upon request after the bid is
awarded. Questions may be directed to, and notice of your request provided to: Richard Steffen


1. PROJECT AREA OBSTRUCTIONS:   The Contractor shall inform the Township
in the event a vehicle or other obstruction is impeding progress. Towing or
removal of all obstructions shall be the responsibility of the Township. The
Contractor shall not move or authorize to move any obstructions within the
project area.
2. WATER:   Water shall be provided by the Contractor and shall be considered
incidental to the contract for the Township project site.
3. RESIDENT COMMUNICATION: The Contractor shall provide the Township
( at least two weeks’ notice prior to the first application
date in the Township. The Contractor shall furnish and place door hangars on
each affected property 24-hours in advance of any work on the project site.
4. TRAFFIC CONTROL: The Contractor is responsibility for traffic control but shall
coordinate all traffic control placement with the Township.